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Suzuki Estilo only USD 35 per day duration 10 hours
Suzuki Splash only USD 38 per day duration 10 hours
Toyota Avanza / Suzuki APV only USD 40 per day duration 10 hours
Toyota All New Innova only USD 50 per day duration 10 hours
Isuzu ELF Microbus 12 seats USD 60 per day duration 10 hours
Prices are already included Bali driver and gasoline/petrol
Price valid for start and finish point in area Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Airport, Denpasar. More info please call / WA +62 85 737187321 or contact us

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Bali Shopping Tips

8 May 2013

Black lava stone is a little more rustic, but has a charm all its own. Large Buddha heads and statues make stunning additions to any garden or outdoor space. A trip to Batubulan means a full day of hot, dusty work. Choosing the piece that you want can take hours. Look at the differences in the faces of the Buddhas for example, they vary immensely. It seems a daunting task to take something home as a memento that may weigh up to one ton (such as a beautiful lava stone bath that fell for immediately).

A good shipping agent will be able to handle such items with little trouble usually a timber framed box is made around your item to protect it from damage in transit. One tip is to check for any mould growing on the piece as this can causes big problems with customs in live without it, ask for it to be cleaned and dried thoroughly. This can take days, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Take a photograph as such items can sometimes be substituted with a different one or even a green-stone replica, worth half the price. Leave one picture with your shipping agent and keep a copy for yourself! Also make sure to get an invoice clearly showing; the name and address of the merchant, the full cost of your item and the amount you have left as a deposit. Dont leave the full amount this is paid when the item is picked up by your agent.

Stone is relatively expensive to ship as compared with timber items, so make contact with your agent and ask for a written quote prior to leaving Bali. Surprises at the either end are common also, so make sure you ask for all relevant fees to be listed, Take this info with you so you are able to calculate the costs. Stone in Bali is well priced and worth the effort it takes to find and buy.

As you continue towards Ubud, youll see many galleries lining the road which specialize in wood carvings. These places sell more than just the gaudy, brightly-painted cats that you see in the markets of Kuta. With a bit of digging you can find wonderful carved panels that can make beautiful screens, frames or bed-heads. Sculptures carved from tree roots also make exotic and unusual additions to a modern home. Timber items are easy to ship.

Though, there is a serious problem bringing in anything which has been affected by the bora bora bug. Look for any holes and ask questions, as the bora bora are highly shunned by particularly Australian customs and the item will most likely be taken from you. Fumigation is an absolute necessity for all timber leaving Indonesia. Your shipping agent can handle this. Even if you need to hand carry it home, it is possible to have it done here in Bali before you fly. This will ensure you are not the one stuck in the red line of eager buyers at the airport at home. You are able to leave these items at the customs desk and they will be cleared for you, usually within 24 hours of arriving home. The reward of spending a day or two away from Kuta markets are evident as you conterplate life whilst looking at your piece of paradise in your own town. Have a nice shopping and do not forget to rent a car with us, with Bali driver or self drive.