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Bali Culinary Art

3 July 2009

Culinary art is used to that makes food look nicer and trigger the appetite. It comes in the form of garnish performed with the gentle touch of creativity. Largely, garnishes are edible and appropriate with the character and size of the food adorned.

Other than garnish, the presentation of food can also be made beautiful by a variety of fruit carvings. They are more associated with background, not direct contact with the food. Inspired by local culture and tradition, Balinese fruit carvings are rich in motifs. As if the culinary became a new medium to present Balinese arts (ornaments) beyond wood, sand stone and canvas.

The treasures of Balinese ornaments presented in fruit carvings can be seen in some annual great culinary events like the Bali Food Festival in relation to the Bali Arts Festival (June) and presentation of THK Awards (December). The events become a comprehensive showcase of Balinese culinary. They feature the original Balinese traditional food and its derivatives or new menus made based on the basic of existing recipes.

The themes of ornaments presented in the fruit carvings comprise the plant, floral ornament, mythological animal and wayang figures. Meanwhile, the most favored ingredients in use are watermelon, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, cucumber and carrot. The longer, the more media can be used to express the treasures of Balinese ornaments.