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Beautiful Beaches in Nusa Penida Island Bali

2 June 2018

Though it was located in separate island from Bali, Nusa Penida actually belong to southern part of Bali, on Klungkung Regency to be exact. Among the 3 islands, the 2 island are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida is the largest island and also being mostly famous for its scuba diving spot. Nusa Penida is also an official bird sanctuary for endangered Balinese Indonesian bird species, including the critically endangered Bali starling. Due to the lack of natural fresh water in Nusa Penida, visitor should expect higher prices than in Bali especially for food. No matter what, Nusa Penida, is worth to visit. Nusa Penida Island have many beautiful beaches with exotic panorama worth for visiting.
beach in nusa penida bali

Pasih Uug / Broken Beach
Pasih Uug also famously known as Broken Beach because Pasih mean Beach and Uug means broken, is the place that you may have seen often in pictures, is a huge arch that originally was a large cave that has lost its roof over time, surrounded by green grass, wide stretch of beach and the gentle sound of wave that surely will capture your heart. It took around 1 hour journey from Sampangan to go to this place. Keep in mind that trip to Pasih Uug or Broken Beach is steep and rocky, so if you are not familiar whit this kind of terrain, you can try to hire a guide to go here.
Angel Billabong
Located only few meters away from Pasir Uug, Angel Billabong is natural infinity pool that was actually a creek between 2 cliffs that will fill up as the tide come in.Though it is so tempting to swim on the crystal clear water, the extremely strong wave can sweep you to the ocean bellow. With its emerald hues and crystalline water, the Angel Billabong is the epitome of stunning. And apparently, the green floors of this particular infinity pool are so confortable to to walk on (not slippery), it actually feels carpeted.
Kelingking Secret Point
Kelingking means pinkie finger, is a relatively untouched hidden area right behind Nusa Penida cliff around 30 minutes away from Pasih Uug or Angel Billabong. It does not take too much effort to go here because the road access is already paved and the beach can be seen from parking area. People said that this point looks similar to pinkie finger while some people might say it is similar to T-rex. The white sand beach bellow this cliff is tempting, clean with crystal clear water. There actually was an access for to go to the bellow beach, but because of footpath was narrow and steep, prefer not to, four own safety, but it did not stop other visitors to go there, thought.
Crystal Bay Beach
Crystal Bay Beach is on of the most popular beaches in Nusa Penida. The crystal clear water has successfully made Crystal Bay Beach the best and favorite snorkeling and diving spot at Nusa Penida. Located only 50 miles way from the seashore, lies a small coral island called Pura Batu Jineng. On the bottom part of this coral island, you might notice a rectangular shape similar to a door, which make this area looks even more unique and beautiful.