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Dolphin Attraction in Lovina Beach Northern Bali Island

24 July 2015

During the Eid Holiday season, many domestic travelers from various region come to Lovina Beach, Singaraja, to enjoy the nature entertainment that the dolphin provide. The human visitor gather with friend and family early in the morning to see dolphins frolicking in the water of Lovina Beach, northern part of Bali Island.

Domestic traveler often come to Lovina at this time of the year and negotiate with local fishermen for tour package to watch the dolphin who hang out near the shore just before sunrise. Many of the visitors came from Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Lombok to visit Bali Island and one of their destination is Lovina Beach just to have a close encounter with dolphins.

lovina bali dolphin

Before setting out to the sea to see the dolphin, fishermen provide visitors with guidance. Everyone is required to wear lifejacket while in the boat and it is prohibited to throw plastic into ocean.

According to one tourism fishermen, visitors usually take 20 minutes tour out the to the sea in traditional boat called Jukung. Such throngs of visitors certain are a boon for the fishermen. The fishermen income increases by hundred percent because many visitors hire the boat for only IDR 100.000 per person to see the dolphin.