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Klepon Balinese Traditional Rice Cake at Tanah Lot Temple

10 January 2013

Visiting Tanah Lot tourism object seems incomplete without tasting the kelepon rice cake, a typical traditional Balinese cake of Beraban Village, Tabanan. From morning until about the sunset time, this cake is always available at the tourist destination.

To further introduce the cakes, the Management of Tanah Lot tourist object organized a kelepon contest in conjunction with Tanah Lot Arts Festival. According Manager of Tanah Lot Authority, the kelepon festival was intended to become a medium for merchants to create and make innovation for the kelepon in such a tourist attraction. “We want to provide the opportunity for our colleagues who are selling kelepon here. By doing so, they will become more creative and innovative in making and packing their kelepon offered to visitors,” he said.

The manager also explained that kelepon was obviously a Balinese traditional cake having rounded oval shape as large as a marble. It was green, sweet and chewy. Meanwhile, the right method of eating kelepon was by chewing in closed mouth so the sugar did not gush out. At Tanah Lot, there were dozens of traders who sell kelepon cake daily. Some were from Beraban Village, while some others came from neighboring villages, such as Grasshopper Village. During all this time, kelepon traders could make kelepon with good and hygienic packaging. Kelepon offered to visitors should be hygiene and its health was really paid attention. This typical Balinese cake was covered by plastic or banana leaves, so avoided sunlight and dust.

Raw ingredients in use were still of the local ones, such as flour, palm sugar and the coloring substance made from the extract of suji leaves. Similarly, the packaging was wrapped with banana leaf. It is this uniqueness characterizing the kelepon of traders here. Maybe at other places already used other media.