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Legian Beach Bali

20 October 2023

The beach of Legian stretches for 2 km, starting from the northernmost point of Kuta Beach, where the Jalan Pantai Kuta beach road also ends. The beach scene is similar to Kuta in terms of the usual beach offerings, ranging from parasol-shaded sun loungers and impromptu Ďbeach barsí selling cold drinks and Bintang, to roaming beach masseuses and peddlers selling knick-knacks and knock-off fashion items.
The beach of Legian does offer slight differences, though. The narrow beach road that separates the beach from the hotels, restaurants, and bars of Legian is inaccessible by public traffic, meaning that itís great for pedestrians and is less chaotic than its southern sister. To the north, thereís Double Six Beach, aka Blue Ocean Beach, a half-kilometer stretch of sand dominated by beach restaurants with colorful beanbags on the sand, shared with neighboring Seminyak.
legian beach bali

About Legian Beach

Much like Kuta in the distant past, Legian was just another Balinese fishing village on the islandís southwestern coast, with empty seaside coconut groves and traditional fishing outriggers lining the sand. Now, it is home to some of the islandís best five-star luxury resorts, with adjoining beach clubs and luxurious amenities making good use of the quieter coast, rolling surf, and dramatic sunsets.

Best Time to Visit

As an alternative surf spot after Seminyak Kuta, Legian is home to several notable surf schools, such as Rip Curl School of Surf. Thanks to its sandy beach breaks, conditions are great for beginners. Most of the surfing in Legian is focused around Double Six Beach and in front of the Padma Resort.
The dry season (from April to August) offers the most favorable swells at Legian thanks to the westerly winds. Itís also when the water is generally temperate and free from flotsam. The swells at Padma feature occasional strong undercurrents, particularly around June through October. There are Balawista lifeguard posts here, as well as in front of the Jayakarta Hotel and Double Six Beach. Red-and-yellow flags mean itís safe to swim or surf, while solid red flags mean "beware of dangerous currents".

Shopping and Dining

The boardwalk of Legian Beach is lined with small art shops, but most of Legianís main shopping scenes are away from the coastline. Designated walking streets include the two Poppies Lanes, Jalan Legian, Jalan Werkudara (aka Garlic Lane Shopping Street), and the Mertanadi Art Market on Jalan Melasti. Luxurious Legian dining and nightlife hotspots. Chilling on a tight budget is also very possible in Legian, with many choices of locally-run beach bars right on the sand. If youíre lucky, a cold Bintang can be as cheap as IDR 30,000 (USD 2) for a small 330ml bottle.