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Ogoh Ogoh as new art in Bali

8 October 2008

Ogoh-ogoh or the papier mâchê demon is an epithet of three-dimensional work of art in the form of sculpture. This art is categorized as a new art in Ball since it was only born over the last few years. Even though itís new, its development is growing amazingly. In a relatively short time, this art has thumped and much excited the curiosity of people, chiefly the young The art of making papier mâchê demons developed rapidly since it is related to Nyepi namely the change of Caka New Year that is commemorated every year in Bali.

One day before Nyepi IS called Pengerupukan, many people go out to see ogoh-ogoh parades. The young while being accompanied with Bleganjur gamelan orchestras carry huge papier mâchê demons. Predominantly, the appearance of the demon resembles a terrifying ogre. However, there are some demons that have funny appearances. This attraction allures a large number of spectators since from its fascinating appearance the men who carry the demon and the gamelans also festoon themselves in order to look tempting and attractive.

In essence, ogoh-ogoh consists of bamboo, timber and paper. Bamboo and timber function to make the frame, while the paper is used to cover or wrap the entire surface of the frame. Paintings with certain colors are performed when the entire body has been completely wrapped with paper. Then, the body of this ogoh-ogoh is dressed up with certain custom in accordance with the intention of its maker. Faces of ogoh-ogohís make use of masks that are made of painted timber or Styrofoam. In its later development, some of the demons are decorated with hairs over the entire body. Its color varies, depending on the taste of its maker. The hairs are usually made of praksok, a fiber obtained from the leaf of. aechmea-like plants.