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Pangerebongan Temple in Denpasar Bali

1 August 2017

Bali Island is unique and worth for visiting while being in Indonesia. Bali Island covered about 5632 km square. Bali population is about 4 million. Most of them are Hindu about 95 percent. Where ever you will go in Bali for your trip, it is easy to find Bali temple. There are many temple on the island, that why Bali Island is most called island with thousand temple.

pangerebongan bali temple in denpasar
One of the interesting temple which worth for visiting is Petilan Pengerebongan Temple, located at Kesiman Petilan Village, East Denpasar. This temple is one of Dang Kahyangan and is weIlknown for its Ngtrebong ceremony a religious ceremony involving a large number of barongs and rangdas. These mythological beings together with a large number of people became in trance and they encircle the wantilan hail three times in a long procession. The ceremony is organized once in 210 days or 8 days after Kuningan in the Balinese calender. This temple consists of two court: Jeroan court and Jaba court. It is in wantilan hall of Jaba court, Ngerebong ceremony takes place.

Petilin Pegerebongan is about 4 km from the Catur Muka Statue as the center mark of Bali Island. Pangerebongan Temple is accessible by public means of transportation because it is located on the main route to the eastern parts of Bali. From Sanur Beach is about 10 minutes drive and from Kuta or Denpasar airport will take about 40 minutes drive. It is advice to rent a car with drive while visiting this temple during ceremony as your driver also act as tour guide who will give you some information about the ceremony and procession.