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Sunrise Exhibition in Sanur Bali

19 August 2010

A total of 31 photographic works shot by 31 photographers in Bali jazzed up the photo exhibition entitled Sunrise in Sanur at Griya Santrian Gallery. The exhibition organized by Denpasar Photographers Community (DPC) and the Sanur Village Festival (SVF) was opened by Minister of Trade Man Elka Pangestu, last Friday (Jul 30) and lasted until August 8, 2010.

Chairman of the DPC, Iwan Darmawan said that as many as 595 photographs submitted by 286 photographers were uploaded through Facebook address of DPC, but he only selected 31 works of 31 photographers with various themes such as landscapes, fixed activities on beaches such as fisherman and his jukung boat, activities of children and religious activities encountered on Sanur Beach. “Selected photographs have represented most of the photographs uploaded as well as represented the genres of photographers,” he said.

Furthermore, Iwan added the photographs exhibited had yielded new destination through photography and displayed different perspective of Sanur in the morning ambience. The works exhibited, he observed, were also rich in ideas and creativity beyond the imagination, even though taken by beginner photographers. “Imaging through photography for destination can become an attraction to prospective tourists. With the existing advancement of technology it can be disseminated through the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook,” he explained.

According to him, such a promotion model was very affordable but so quick and could be accessed by a wider market. Aside from promotions and organizing an event like the Sanur Village Festival, continued Iwan, there should be some new offers that could be easily informed to potential travelers. “With the speed of information and communication, the distance and time will no more become an obstacle to know about the existence of a destination,” he explained.

Nowadays, he explained, many tourists could take independent traveling anywhere in the world and they could also divert their destination any time because it had been supported by an easy transportation and online reservation for their accommodation need. Similarly, to know about the photograph of destinations was truly easy. “Through the exhibition, DPC would like to improve the bargaining position of the active members through portfolio to deeply involve in photographic industry,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the SW Committee, Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra, hoped the circle of tourism industry would like to open up and respond to the works of these photographers for the needs of their visual communication and promotion. He had great confidence that such photographic works could become a refresher for the materials of existing visual communication and provide added-value as well as efficiency.