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Tumpek Landep Holiday Iron Blessing in Bali

5 August 2017

Tumpek Landep is celebrated every Saturday or Sanisara Kliwon Wuku Landep (every 210 days). It is derived from the word Tumpek meaning close and Iandep meaning sharp. On that account, in the philosophical context, the Tumpek Landep moment poses a milestone of sharpening the citta (heart), buddhi (intelligence) and manah (mind). Thus, people always behave according to the clarity of mind with the foundation of religious values. With a pure mind, people will be able to distinguish and choose which one is good and bad.

Tumpek Landep denotes the festivity to venerate the Lord Shiva Pasupati as the gods of taksu or divine inspiration. So, after celebrating the Sarasvati Day venerating the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts, devotees invoke in order the science has efficacy or give the sharpness of mind and heart. In Tumpek Landep festivity is also performed the ceremony of purification and consecration to various ancestral heritages such as kris daggers, spears and so forth. As a result, ordinary people often mention the Tumpek Landep as the anniversary of iron. However, in harmony with the development of times, the meaning of Tumpek Landep turns vague, and increasingly deviates from the true meaning.

Today, the community even tends to interpret Tumpek Landep as the anniversary of motorcycles, cars and metal working equipment. During this day, you can find many cars, bus or motor cycle with their Tamiang ornament hung in front of them as indication to celebrate Tumpek Landep. Indeed, this is very much distorted. People may put offerings on the motorcycles, cars and working equipment on the Tumpek Landep. However, they may not forget the essence of the Tumpek Landep implementation that is more focused that people should always remember to sharpen their mind (manah), intelligence (buddhi) and the heart (citta). With the sharp mind, intelligence and heart people are expected to fight against the ignorance, darkness and misery.

The Tumpek Landep festivity actually reminds people of always sharpening their manah so they could suppress the buthakala’s behavior within the self. In terms of the meaning, as a matter of fact, festivity to motorcycles, cars or other equipment is more appropriate carried out in Tumpek Kuningan namely as a thanksgiving for the gift of the Supreme God in the facilities and infrastructure making it easier the activities, and invoked in order the working tools could work well and safely.