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Using Horn When Driving in Bali Indonesia

26 February 2023

We deliberately present this article about the horn sound to get to know more about the traffic culture in Bali and Indonesia. It can use the horn and when to use it after reading this article. Of course, guidance is very important when driving a car in Bali, so that a visit to Bali is more comfortable and enjoyable. You can safely drive a car to visit beautiful places in Bali. Very important guidance before deciding to rent a self-driving car in Bali.
The horn is one of the components in cars and motorbikes. It feels like a car or motorbike is incomplete if there is no horn. The existence of the horn is very important for the driver because the sound of the horn has an important role in traffic, but it must be used properly and correctly so as not to cause misunderstandings.
If we drive a car or motorbike in Bali and other areas in Indonesia, we will often hear horns. Maybe this feels strange and disturbing because the traffic culture in your country is different from that in Bali or in another part of Indonesia. From some of the information we have collected from car rental customers from several different countries, the horn sound has a different meaning. There are even car rental customers informing them that they almost never press the horn when driving a car in their country.
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A car rental customer from Thailand said that if you hit the horn while driving a car, that means you want to cause trouble with the car in front of you. The customer who rented a car from Canada informed us that only during an emergency would he use the horn. Another meaning was informed by car rental customers from Europe, a driver who uses a horn is considered a rude driver.

Then, what is the meaning of the sound of the horn in Bali or other areas in Indonesia?

Several years ago, there was once a craze for the public to use horns with interesting and special sounds on their cars. Even big buses are competing to buy and install certain horns, which make interesting and funny sounds, pleasing to the ear, and exciting. Drivers are willing to pay a lot of money to get a horn that makes a good sound. Many people enjoy listening to the sound of the horn and are even willing to come to the bus terminal just wanting to hear the horns of several different buses. Children and teenagers on weekends are willing to stay up late at the terminal just wanting to hear the sound of the horn while hanging out. This was once viral and covered by local tv.

When do you have to use horn sounds in Bali?

This article is very important for you to read as a reference so you can drive a car in Bali, well and other areas in Indonesia before deciding to rent a self-drive car. When handing over the rental car, the car rental officer will provide an explanation about the culture and traffic habits in Bali and Indonesia. The following is information on when local people use their horns when driving a car or motorcycle:
  • When overtaking the vehicle in front of you, you must use the horn and right turn signal.
  • Passing corners or dangerous and deserted roads, using the horn is important as a signal to other drivers.
  • There is a culture in Bali that may not be found elsewhere, local people will use the horn when driving a car if they pass through haunted or special places such as bridges, cemeteries, or other dangerous roads. The sound of the horn is interpreted as asking permission to pass.
Those are some of the meanings of horn sounds in Bali and of course, the horn must be used appropriately so that there are no misunderstandings. We are sure, after reading this article, that the desire to rent a self-driving car in Bali is getting higher and you will enjoy the beauty of the island by traveling around the island of Bali using a self-drive rental car. Book your car now, please contact us via WhatsApp for a faster response.